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2019 Charlton Chartered Banknote Catalogue, 9th Edition

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2019 Charlton Chartered Banknote Catalogue, 9th Edition

    Five years in the making, we present the new 9'th Edition of the "Canadian [Chartered] Bank Notes" Charlton Catalogue. The publisher reports price movements have occurred in both directions, the great majority are increases, but with moderate reductions among certain notes issued by the Royal Bank of Canada. The publisher also notes that there has been "seemingly insatiable demand" for "entry level" notes, resulting in a flatter price profile among circulated and relatively common notes. Newly discovered notes, either previously unknown to be issued, or previously unknown outside institutional collections have been added, as well as new varieties, including illustrations to help identify them. The grading section has had photographs added, along with additional descriptions. The publisher notes that prices are for notes graded according to Charlton standards, as grades asigned by third party graders may vary from Charlton grading standards. Finally, new "Tips for Collectors" have been added and population counts have been updated.
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