Why J&M Only Sells Natural Diamonds

Why J&M does not sell "artisan created diamonds" or laboratory created synthetic diamonds.

Naturally formed diamonds are mined from kimberlite diamond mines which are hundreds of thousands of years old, naturally mineralized by nature, and are very expensive to find with high mining costs and limited supply.

Artisan created diamonds are laboratory created in unlimited numbers and can be identified with proper instruments. Cubic zirconias are also lab-created. When they were introduced they were also expensive and fooled many people into thinking they were natural diamonds – many people are still deceived to this day to a degree – but not as much as in the early days that they were first created. The new laboratory-created are much better imitations but, nonetheless, are still artificial and being fabricated in uncontrolled numbers. As the years go by more and more labs will be making them and eventually they will become very commonly available for much lower prices whereas natural diamonds will become harder and harder to find and mine and should retain or increase in value. In many cases J&M can supply natural diamonds at the same price as artisan created diamonds.

Thank you for reading our explanation of why we refuse to sell artisan created diamonds to you, our valued customers.

Why should you buy diamonds from J&M?

We only sell Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A.) certified diamonds. Please visit the G.I.A. website for more information at gia.edu

G.I.A. is the world leader of independent, third-party grading and they grade diamonds based only on colour, clarity, carat, and cut – the four Cs of diamonds. We can supply you almost all sizes and clarities. We belong to the world's largest dealer-to-dealer networks and can provide every quality and size of available diamond from wholesalers, cutters, and distributors worldwide. It's an amazing experience that we would love to show you in minutes how the same quality of diamonds and sizes vary from corporation to corporation in cost.

Even though there are many certification companies J&M only sources G.I.A. certified stones because, in our more than fifty years of experience, G.I.A. offers the best certificates and are internationally accepted.

The main reasons you should buy from J&M are price and guaranteed quality. We only charge 10% over our cost. You can select from our extensive inventory or we can find exactly what you desire from our dealer-to-dealer networks which represent most of the dealers in the world. It's a win-win for you and your wallet.


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