Estate Jewellery Centre

This new section of our website is dedicated to move some of our jewellery inventory that we recently purchased from the public that we simply want to turn over quickly or inventory that we have simply had in stock for too long and are hoping to turn over. All items are in good condition or have only minor faults.

All items are listed for two weeks at full J&M prices – which are usually 50% to 70% below appraisal value. If unsold after two weeks they will be reduced as follows:

First two weeks at full price.

Second two weeks with 10% discount.

Third two weeks with 20% discount.

Fourth two weeks with 30% discount.

Fifth two weeks with 40% discount.

Finally all items will no longer be available.

We originally ran this event at our Metrotown store before we closed and it was received very well. We have now decided to make it a permanent feature in-store and online. Many people waited for the final two weeks for the 40% discount but many items were already sold by then and some customers were left disappointed.

We hope you enjoy this new concept. Well worth checking out for some great deals.


Our most recent arrivals

1 Cent (Large) 1881H MS63 Red


1 Cent (Large) 1910 EF40


1 Cent (Large) 1910 VF20


1 Cent (Large) 1910 F12


1 Cent (Large) 1910 VG8


1 Cent (Large) 1909 AU50


1 Cent (Large) 1909 EF40


1 Cent (Large) 1909 VF20