Precious Metal Buy and Sell Prices


When you purchase any diamond pieces from Iorio Fine Jewellery we will include a detailed appraisal as part of the deal. What if you already own the jewellery but aren't completely certain of the quality of the diamond? Your insurance company will certainly want documented proof before they consider covering anything.

This is where an "Appraisal" comes in handy. It's a written document, prepared by a reputable and certified gemologist and includes detailed descriptions of the piece(s) in question. The gemologist has been trained to evaluate and measure diamonds and stones of all kinds -- testing with instruments like microscopes, masterstone set, refractometer, specific gravity detectors, diamond testers, and experience. An appraisal signed by a reputable gemologist guarantees that your items are exactly as described.

We are able to provide an official written appraisal of your items in our store. These are official documents on J&M letterhead that describe your items in industry terms and assign current market or replacement values. These are generally prepared for insurance purposes or in the settling of the estate of the deceased. Insurance appraisals for jewellery are available for $45 per item. For an additional $10 per item we will take a photo of your item and print it on the appraisal document. Insurance appraisals for watches are available for $65 per item unless there are gemstones or other jewellery modifications that require the review of our gemologists, in which case the fee is higher. Estate appraisals for jewellery and/or watches are available for $85 per hour with a half hour minimum. Normally images are not required but if requested we can provide these for a fee of $10 per picture per item. Insurance or estate appraisals for coins, banknotes, and bullion are available for $100 per hour with a half hour minimum. For the same fee we can provide a written "Offer to Purchase" which provides our actual purchase prices. If you sell all the items listed on the appraisal to J&M within 30 calendar days of the service we will waive the fee for the appraisal. Please note that we do not buy items at their replacement value, only at their purchase value. We are also able to travel to your bank or residence to appraise off site. For this service there is an additional travel fee based on the distance and travel time required. The fee for this service varies. Please call ahead or e-mail to inquire. If you have any questions about our appraisal services, please e-mail us at

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